Module 2 – Lesson 4- Responsibilities and Privileges of Australian citizenship

Citizenship in Australia entails both obligations and advantages that all citizens must uphold in order to maintain Australia free, safe, and equitable.


Every Australian citizen is required to observe all Australian laws, without exception.

Voting: Australian residents aged 18 and over are required to vote in federal, state/territory, and referendums on the Australian constitution. In several states, voting in local government elections is not always required.

Defending Australia: It is up to the individual citizen whether they desire to serve in the Australian protection Force in normal times, but every Australian citizen has a responsibility to engage in the protection of the nation and its way of life if necessary.

Jury service: Any Australian citizen over the age of 18 may be asked to serve on a jury, listening to evidence in court trials and rendering a guilty or not guilty judgement. Jurors are selected at random from the electoral record, which serves to maintain the judicial system open and impartial.


Employment in the Australian Public Service: Australian citizenship grants the right to apply for positions in the Australian Public Service (working for government departments) or to join the Australian Defence Force (army/navy/air force).

Be elected to parliament: All Australian citizens aged 18 and over (unless they have dual citizenship) are eligible to run for election to federal, state, or territory legislatures.

Apply for an Australian passport: Every Australian citizen has the right to reside anywhere they choose in Australia, and they may apply for an Australian passport, which permits them to go internationally and re-enter Australia without a visa.

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Seek consular aid: Any Australian visiting another nation has the right to seek assistance from the Australian embassy, high commission, or consulate in that country. These institutions can assist in the event of civil upheaval or natural disasters, as well as people who require assistance if they have lost their passports, been involved in accidents, gotten unwell, or had to deal with the loss of someone they have travelled with. It should be remembered that Australian nationals travelling to other nations must get a visa. Have your children become Australian citizens: Any Australian citizen whose kid is born outside of Australia has the right to apply for that child to become an Australian citizen by descent.


Module 2 - Lesson 4 Quiz

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Jurors in Australia are selected from _______________?

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The purpose of jury service is to ensure____________?

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An Australian passport allows you to return to Australia without____________?

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Defending the Australian nation and its way of life when necessary is______________?

5 / 15

Sometimes it may not be compulsory for Australian citizens to vote in _______________?

6 / 15

An Australian citizen may not stand for election if they __________________?

8 / 15

Australian citizens must obey the law of Australia _________________?

9 / 15

One of the privileges of Australian citizenship is that it allows you to _________________?

10 / 15

Australian citizens in difficulty abroad should seek help from the nearest____________?

11 / 15

Australian citizens have a responsibility to vote in elections when they reach the age of_______?

12 / 15

Australian citizens are legally obliged to vote in ______________?

13 / 15

Service in the Australian Defence Force is _________________?

14 / 15

An Australian citizen can stand for election to Parliament at federal, state or territory level once they reach the age of ______?

15 / 15

Any Australian citizen may be called for jury duty when they are over the age of______?

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