Australian Citizenship Practice Test 3

The Australian Citizenship Practice Test 3 is an invaluable resource for people who are interested in becoming Australian Citizens. This test is intended to measure applicants’ level of knowledge about Australian government, law, and history. 


Practice Test 3

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:What does the blue panel on the Torres Strait Islander flag represent?

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At what age must all Australians register their name and addresses on the electoral roll?

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Which of the following is a TRUE statement?

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What is legislative power?

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How many official flags do Australian communities fly?

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Which of the following is a legal responsibility of Australian citizens who are 18 years of age and older?

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Who has the authority to approve the Australian government and its ministers?

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Which of the following people may be selected for jury service?

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What is the name of the King's representative in the Northern Territory?

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Is it legal to publish sexually explicit images or videos online without the person's permission?

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What is one requirement of the candidates running for parliament?

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Which religions are illegal in Australia?

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What is the Cabinet of Australia?

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Who appoints the Administrator of the Northern Territory?

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Which of the following is TRUE regarding the use of violence towards another person?

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What is the name of the second largest state in Australia?

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The Gallipoli landings occurred during which war?

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Which of the following belongs to a political party?

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Who is above the Australian law?

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How many official flags do Australian communities fly?

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This test includes topics such as Indigenous cultures, the democratic process, and citizens’ responsibilities. It is possible to become familiar with Australian citizenship by taking the practice test. The test offers a chance to learn more about the rich history of Australia and its relationship with the Australian people. You can also check Australian Citizenship Practice Test 2 and Australian Citizenship Practice Test 4. The Australian Citizenship Test is designed to evaluate applicants’ understanding of Australia’s core values, principles, and history, as well as the functions of its government. It consists of multiple-choice questions based on the official Australian citizenship test resource book, “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.” To become a citizen, you must score at least 75% on the test.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 3

Obtaining Australian citizenship is a momentous occasion, and the Australian Citizenship Test is a vital step in the process. By following these steps and utilizing resources like the Australian Citizenship Practice Test 3, you can prepare effectively and increase your chances of success. Remember that thorough preparation not only helps you pass the test but also ensures that you become a knowledgeable and engaged Australian citizen, contributing positively to your new home. Good luck on your journey toward Australian citizenship!

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