Practice Test 4

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 4

The Australian Citizenship Practice Test 4 can be a useful practice test for individuals who wish to become Australian Citizens. The purpose of this Citizenship Practice test is to evaluate applicants’ knowledge of Australian history, the government, laws, and values. Topics covered include Indigenous cultures as well as democracy and citizen responsibilities.


Practice Test 4

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What may law enforcement officers do if they suspect that someone has broken the law?

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What is the number of languages spoken in Australia?

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Is is allowed for people to criticize the government and make jokes of political figures?

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The formation of the Australian country resulted from:

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ls it legal in Australia for a husband to use physical force against his wife if she has disobeyed him?

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When did the Australian Constitution come into effect?

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When was gold first found in Australia?

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Who is the representative of the King in Australia?

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Who were the earliest settlers to live in Australia?

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Which of the following is a TRUE statement?

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How many members of the House of Representatives are there?

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Which of the following is the MOST CORRECT statement regarding freedoms in Australia?

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Who is a councilor ?

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#28:Where is the Parliament House located?

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Which of the following is TRUE regarding the states and territories in Australia?

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Should people tolerate others with opposing opinions?

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What does the term "equality of opportunity" mean in Australia?

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Where are the state and territory governments located?

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Which of the following is responsible for maintaining order in Australia?

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When is Australia Day observed on?

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The Australian Citizenship Test, Chapter 4, is important in preparing for the real exam. Many questions are randomly given in this Australian Citizenship Practice Test 4 to check the applicant’s memory and make him pass the citizenship test on his first attempt. The Australian Citizenship Forum is also there to provide you with more opportunities to interact with your peers and increase your knowledge. The Australian Citizenship Practice Test 4 is not the only test; we have also provided the Australian Citizenship Practice Test 3 for your exam preparation. Moreover, you can always check the Australian Immigration Website for all the latest news and relevant exam questions.

Australian citizenship by conferral meaning 

Australian citizenship by conferral means that when you migrate to Australia, you are getting Australian Citizenship on your behalf and not through your parents, siblings, or in any other way. Australian citizenship by conferral is way simpler, as you get it by becoming a permanent resident, fulfilling the eligibility criteria for citizenship, and then passing the Australian citizenship test.

Australian Citizenship Support Simulation test

Citizenship Tests always provides the Australian citizenship support simulation test for the user to practice in real-time, so they can get familiar with the pattern of the test and how to attempt the test in the CitizenshipTests center.

Practice Test 4
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