Australian Citizenship Practice Test 6

Practice Test 6

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 6

This Australian Citizenship Practice Test 6 can be a useful mock test for anyone who wants to become an Australian citizen. This citizenship practice test is designed to test applicants’ understanding of country’s history, values, and government.


Practice Test 6

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Where did the first large group of non-European migrants come from during the gold rush in Australia?

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What was the population when the Commonwealth of Australia was first established?

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What is the name of the capital city of New South Wales?

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What is the name of the government agency responsible for tax collection?

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What is the name of the smallest mainland state?

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What is the title of the head or leader of a territory's government?

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Which of the following constitutes cyber abuse?

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What happened on January 1, 1901?

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ls it lawful for an adult to have sexual contact with a 15-year-old in Australia?

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Can a citizen of Australia also have citizenship in another nation or country?

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What does the yellow circle on the Australian Aboriginal flag represent?

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ls it acceptable to incite people to break the law?

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Which of the following is a FALSE statement?

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What is not protected under freedom of speech?

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Every state has its own governor. Is this TRUE?

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ls the marriage with a minor legal in Australia?

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The judges and magistrates are appoined by the government. Which of the following is NOT allowed to do by the government?

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What country were the colonies in Australia belong to?

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It helps them prepare for the citizenship test. Aspiring citizens will gain more confidence by familiarizing themselves with the content and questions covered in Practice Test 6. This test is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of Australian identity and culture. It also helps new citizens be prepared to participate actively in Australia’s democratic society.

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The only way to pass the citizenship test is to complete all the practice tests provided on our website and make sure you go through the Australian citizenship course as well. The video course provides all the necessary information you need, step by step, to ace the real citizenship exam. You must take our Australian Citizenship Practice Test 10 and Australian Citizenship Practice Test 5 in order to maximize your chances.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 6
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