Practice Test 9

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 9

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 9 is very important when you are just about to complete the Citizenship practice tests. Obtaining Australian citizenship is a momentous achievement for immigrants, representing their commitment to embracing the values, history, and culture of this diverse nation. As part of the process, applicants are required to take the Australian citizenship test, which assesses their understanding of the country’s fundamentals. This article presents “Australian Citizenship Practice Test 9”, designed to help aspiring citizens familiarize themselves with the test format, sample questions, and study materials to ace the exam. Whether you are planning to take the citizenship test in 2023 or 2024, this practice test will be an invaluable resource to prepare you for the journey towards becoming an Australian citizen.


Practice Test 9

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Which of the following is not a major Australian political party?

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Which of the following is TRUE regarding Australia's legal system?

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What was the COAG established to do?

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Which of the following is TRUE regarding freedom of association in Australia?

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Where should Australians get help from if they run into issues overseas?

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what was found in New South Wales and Victoria in 1851?

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What Australian states were gold first discovered?

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What is the name of Queensland-s capital city ?

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What does the southern landscape of the Northern Territory look like?

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Why is it important to learn English in Australia?

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Who is responsible for explaining the law to the jury in a trial?

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ls it legal to marry multiple people simultaneously in Australia?

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What is the name of the state that has a flag of its own?

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When may residents contact the local police for assistance?

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Which of the following is responsible for maintaining order in Australia?

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Who proposes new laws or amendments to existing laws?

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Which of the following shows compassion?

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What is a referendum?

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The Australian citizenship test is an essential part of the citizenship application process, and it evaluates candidates’ knowledge of Australia’s history, political system, values, and culture. It is a computer-based multiple-choice test consisting of 20 questions, and applicants are required to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly to pass. You can also try Australian Citizenship Practice Test 8 and Australian Citizenship Practice Test 10 for more practice.

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Citizenship Test Australia 2023 and 2024

The Australian citizenship test is updated periodically to reflect the evolving nature of the country’s values, history, and culture. For candidates planning to take the test in 2023 and 2024, it is essential to stay updated with the latest study materials and sample questions relevant to the year of examination. The journey towards Australian citizenship is a significant step, and the citizenship test serves as a crucial milestone. Utilizing the “Australian Citizenship Practice Test 9” and other study materials mentioned above will empower applicants to approach the test with confidence and achieve success in their citizenship application.


The Australian citizenship test is an essential part of the process for those seeking to become Australian citizens. By accessing reliable study materials, utilizing practice tests, and engaging with support networks, applicants can enhance their understanding of Australian history, culture, and values. The “Citizenship Test Practice Test 9” presented in this article serves as a valuable tool to help aspiring citizens prepare for a brighter future and embrace the privileges and responsibilities of Australian citizenship. Good luck on your journey to becoming an Australian citizen!

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