Practice Test 8

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 8

The Australian Citizenship Practice Test 8 provides valuable information for people who are interested in becoming Australian citizens. The practice test was designed to help permanent residents prepare for their official citizenship test by assessing applicants’ knowledge about the history of Australia, its government, and its values.


Practice Test 8

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Which of the following is TRUE in regards to paying taxes in Australia?

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What is the Governor-General responsible for?

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Who was the first governor of the New South Wales colony?

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Which of the following is TRUE regarding voting in elections for local government?

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Who is above the Australian law?

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What is another name for the Senate?

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What event took place on 26 January, 1788?

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Which of the following is TRUE regarding a political party in Australia?

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Who is responsible for hospitals and health services?

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:What is legal age of sexual consent in Australia?

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When do an Australian need to respect the differences and choices of others?

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If you have been insulted by others in Australia, is allowed to incite violence against a person or group?

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What must occur before the Bill goes to the Governor-General?

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Which of the following is a responsibility of the state and territorial governments?

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Who is responsible for applying the Australian law?

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Whose responsibility is it to administer federal elections and referendums?

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What is the legality on bribing a police officer in Australia?

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:What is the purpose of the Australian Constitution?

Free Australian Citizenship Test Practice Quiz

The best way to prepare for the citizenship test in Australia is to start with the video course and then start attempting the citizenship practice test. Australian Citizenship Practice Test 8 is one of them and you should not miss the Australian Citizenship Practice Test 6 and Australian Citizenship Practice Test 10. They have very good practice exam questions in them. If you have completed the video course, you can easily complete the practice tests with more than 80%. This will boost your morale and you can easily ace the real citizenship test.

Australian Citizenship Book pdf

If you are looking for the citizenship book pdf, then you can easily download it from here. It will also provide you with the basics of Australian culture, common bonds, traditions, and life in Australia. You must also check the official resources in regard to your test. But all you can find on the official website is an Australia Citizenship book pdf in different languages if you are not familiar with English.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 8
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