Module 3 – Lesson 13- Traffic offences

State and territorial administrations are in charge of establishing and enforcing traffic laws in their respective areas. Individuals who violate traffic regulations may face fines or jail terms. Driving a car in Australia is unlawful unless you have registered your vehicle and have a local driving licence.

Seatbelts are required in Australia for both drivers and passengers. If you have a newborn or a small kid in the car, they must be properly restrained in an authorized car seat. Driving while under the influence of drugs or with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit is illegal. It is also unlawful to use portable mobile devices while driving.


Module 3 - Lesson 13 Quiz

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Breaking traffic laws can be sanctioned with __________________?

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The rules of the road in Australia are set by ________________?

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Seatbelts in Australia are compulsory for ________________?

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To drive your car in Australia you must have ________________?

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Babies and young children in cars must sit in __________________?

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It is illegal to use handheld mobile devices when driving _________________?

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