Module 3 – Lesson 3- How is the power of government controlled ?

In Australia, government authority is divided into three branches: the legislative (parliament), the executive (mainly the Prime Minister and his/her cabinet), and the judiciary (law courts). influence is shared in this manner so that each branch of government may balance out the other two and no one faction can obtain undue influence.
The legislature, often known as parliament, is in charge of making and altering the legislation. Parliament is made up of legislators elected by the people.

The executive, which includes the Prime Minister, Government ministries, and the Governor-General, is in charge of enforcing the laws. Each government minister is in charge of a single department that governs one aspect of government.

The judiciary, or judges, are in charge of interpreting and applying the law. They do this independently.


Module 3 - Lesson 3 Quiz

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Laws are interpreted and applied in Australia by _____________________?

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Laws are made and changed in Australia by _______________?

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Government power in Australia is split ____________________?

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The judiciary can be influenced in its decisions by _________________?

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Laws are implemented in Australia by ______________________?

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