Module 1 – Lesson 5- Traditions

In Australia, the opening ceremony will frequently include the Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country rituals. A member of the local Indigenous community will conduct the Welcome to Country procedure, which is meant to welcome tourists to the region and ensure their safety while they are there.

There are several methods to say “Welcome to Country,” including speeches in the Indigenous language and/or in English, a smoking ritual, dance, or song. It usually takes place at the beginning of an event. By acknowledging that Indigenous peoples are the land’s caretakers and that events are hosted there with their consent, the Acknowledgement of Country serves as a form of acknowledgement in response to the Welcome to Country. The Acknowledgement of Country expresses respect for the Indigenous peoples’ Elders in particular. Anyone may offer the Acknowledgement of Country, however it is typically seen as the Chair or MC of an event’s responsibility.


Module 1 - Lesson 5 Quiz

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The Welcome to the Country protocol is responded to with a _________________?

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The Welcome to Country protocol is intended to make sure visitors _______________?

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The Welcome to Country protocol usually takes place at _______________?

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The Acknowledgement of Country recognizes that _________________?

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The Welcome to Country protocol is performed by __________________?

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