Module 4 – Lesson 1- Our values

A dedication to the rule of law is one of Australia’s basic principles; every Australian recognises the importance of laws in keeping communities and the country as a whole calm and safe. Everyone in Australia is equal under the law, and no one is immune from following it or being penalised for failing to do so. It is critical that every citizen follows the law at all times, even if the chances of being caught or penalised are remote.

Australia is governed by parliamentary democracy, which means that laws are made by parliaments comprised of representatives elected by the people. The government derives its authority from the Australian people and their vote, and they may be removed in elections if they so want.

Every Australian has the right to free expression as long as they do not breach the law. Debating problems in public and private is part of this freedom, and any person may express their views on any topic in speech or writing. The media has the same right to free expression as everyone else.

All Australians have the freedom to peacefully protest the government if they so want, as long as they do not break the law.

However, freedom of expression cannot be used to incite violence against other persons or groups, such as on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, or culture, since this would violate both Australian laws and principles. Nobody has the right to spread lies about others or to argue that others are wrong.

Every Australian citizen also has the right to free association, which means that they can join or choose not to join or quit any lawful organisation without being forced to do so by anybody else. Individuals can join or not join groups such as social groups, cultural groups, religious organisations, labour unions, and political parties.

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The ability to gather with others to protest against groups or government activities with which they disapprove is included in the freedom to associate. These protests must stay lawful, which means they must be nonviolent and not cause harm to other people or property.

There is no official Australian national religion, and Australians are free to practise any religion or none at all. Every citizen is entitled to equal treatment from the government, regardless of religion or lack thereof, although no religion is permitted to violate Australian law.

Religious law has no legal validity in Australia; every Australian citizen and tourist must follow Australian law, even if it differs from the law of their faith. Certain practice’s observed in some faiths and cultures, such as forced marriage or polygamy (being married to more than one person), are prohibited in Australia, and anybody who engages in them should expect severe legal consequences, including


Module 4 - Lesson 1 Quiz

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The power of the Australian government comes from______________?

2 / 12

Peaceful protest is the right of an Australian citizen provided _______________?

3 / 12

Freedom of association means that Australians may meet up with others to protest provided _________________?

5 / 12

Freedom of speech may not be used to advocate ___________________?

6 / 12

Every new Australian citizen has a duty to________________?

7 / 12

Freedom of speech may not be used to advocate __________________?

8 / 12

Australian law can be superseded by religious law ___________________?

9 / 12

Freedom of association means every Australian has the right to join __________________?

10 / 12

Every Australian is equal under the law and nobody is exempt from obeying it except ___________?

11 / 12

Australian citizens should adhere to the law _______________?

12 / 12

Every Australian has the right to freedom of speech provided_________________?

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