Module 4 – Lesson 2- Equality of all people under the law

Australia believes that all citizens have the same rights regardless of where they are from, their ethnicity, colour, religion, whatever disabilities they may have, their age, sexual orientation, or gender. Australia has a number of laws in place to prevent discrimination on any of these bases. People of any faith are entitled to the same privileges as Christians, and anybody who wishes to marry is free to do so, even men marrying men or women marrying women. Men and women in Australia have equal rights and should be given equal opportunity in employment and other areas. Men and women are treated equally in education and work, voting rights, running for public office, and joining the Australian Defence Force or police force; they are also treated equally in law courts. Gender discrimination is unlawful in Australia; for example, a position should always be granted to the highest qualified and most skilled individual, regardless of gender.

All Australians, regardless of gender, have the right to make their own personal decisions, such as who they will marry or what religion they will follow, and there are laws in place to protect them from being subjected to violence or intimidation because of such choices. Physical violence towards a partner or spouse is prohibited under any circumstances and is a criminal crime.

Divorce is legal in Australia and can be requested by any gender; everyone has the right to divorce if they so choose, even if their spouse objects.


Module 4 - Lesson 2 Quiz

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Australia believes that all citizens have the same rights__________________?

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Men and women in Australia have the same rights _____________?

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In Australia it is illegal for _________________?

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Anyone in Australia can be divorced from their partner _______________?

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Physical violence towards a partner or spouse in Australia is unacceptable _____________?

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