Module 4 – Lesson 4- Mutual respect and tolerance for others

Every Australian must respect their other Australians’ beliefs, choices, freedom, and dignity. In Australia, it is prohibited to employ violence against another person, including verbal and physical abuse. Australia believes in peaceful disagreement and that everyone has the right to safety and freedom without fear of intimidation or violence.

In Australia, the age of sexual consent is 16 or 17 (varies by state); this is severely enforced, and having sexual intercourse with anybody under the age of consent is a serious violation.

Australian citizens are required to help the police in all legal activities and to follow any legal directions given to them.

Mutual respect and tolerance are highly essential in Australia; even if you disagree with someone, you should listen to them, respect their beliefs and perspectives, and be accepting of them even if you cannot agree with them.

Australia condemns racism in all of its manifestations, including the dissemination of racist information on the Internet, the use of racially offensive names, and the screaming of racist slurs at people.


Module 4 - Lesson 4 Quiz

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Sexual relations with a person under the age of consent are illegal ______________?

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The age of sexual consent in Australia is __________________?

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Australia believes in disagreeing _________________?

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Racism in Australia is unacceptable ____________________?

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Australian citizens are expected to obey all legal instructions from the police________________?

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If you disagree with someone else’s opinions and views, you should ______________?

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