Module 4 – Lesson 5- Our community

Being an Australian citizen allows you to fully participate in the life and communities of the country. Being an Australian citizen has both obligations and advantages, and everyone is expected to actively engage in society and contribute to the community. Every Australian is expected to do their best to sustain themselves and their family. “Mateship” is a highly significant value for Australians: it involves looking after others who need assistance, such as trimming the grass of an old neighbour who is unable to do it themselves, assisting friends who are ill, and watching out for individuals who live alone. Mateship has fostered strong traditions of community service and volunteerism in Australia, and there are several agencies, both local and national, that assist individuals in helping others. Volunteering isn’t simply a one-way street; volunteers have the opportunity to gain new skills and information, and it’s a terrific method for new Australians to integrate into the Australian society.

English is Australia’s national language, and it is highly regarded in the country. If English is not their first language, all new Australian citizens should make an effort to acquire it and teach it to their families. Speaking English is essential for gaining full access to all of Australia’s educational, economic, and social possibilities.

Every Australian has a responsibility to contribute to the safety of Australian society. If you suspect that someone in your neighborhood is planning or has committed a crime, you should notify the appropriate authorities. Similarly, if you suspect a youngster is being abused, you should contact the authorities. Online abuse, including the posting of pornographic pictures, is completely unacceptable in Australia.

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When Australians become citizens, they vow their allegiance to Australia and its people. Australians can have dual citizenship, which means they can keep their citizenship from another nation if it is permitted in that country. Nonetheless, all Australians must follow Australian law at all times, even when they are not in the country. For example, it is illegal for an Australian citizen to have sexual relations with anyone under the age of 16 anywhere in the world, and you could be arrested and charged in Australia for this offence.

All Australians have a responsibility to protect Australia’s security and national interests. No citizen should do anything that jeopardizes the country’s security, such as providing information.


Module 4 - Lesson 5 Quiz

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If you believe that someone in your community has plans to commit a crime or has committed a crime, you should _____________________?

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All Australians are expected to support themselves and their families _______________?

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It is illegal for any Australian to have sexual relations with a person under the age of 16 ___________________?

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You should not try to demonise any group _________________?

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New national language of Australia is __________________?

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You have to obey the law of Australia at all times _________________?

8 / 14

Being an Australian citizen has privileges and _________________?

9 / 14

Australians should contribute to their community __________________?

10 / 14

The definition of online abuse in Australia includes __________________?

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Volunteering in Australia can help you _________________?

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Keeping Australian society safe is the responsibility of __________________?

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New Australian citizens should learn English in order to make the most of opportunities in _____________________?

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Australians are expected to participate in society __________________?

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