Module 3 – Lesson 10- How are laws made ?

The Australian Parliament has the right to amend or create new laws for the benefit of all Australians. The procedure is as follows: a member of the Australian Parliament will propose a new law or revisions to an existing one. A “Bill” is what this is called. The Bill will next be reviewed, debated, and voted on by both houses of Parliament. When a Bill receives “Royal Assent” from a majority of members in both Houses of Parliament, it is sent to the Governor-General, who signs it into law.

Making legislation in state and territory legislatures follows a similar procedure.


Module 3 - Lesson 10 Quiz

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New laws are introduced into the Australian Parliament by ______________?

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A bill can only become law when it receives Royal ______________?

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Bills are turned into law when they are signed by _______________?

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To be passed, a new law needs a majority ________________?

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Changes to Australian laws or the introduction of new ones is the responsibility of ________________?

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A proposal for a new law in Parliament is called a _______________?

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