Module 3 – Lesson 8- What role do political parties play in the way Australia governed ?

Political parties are groupings of people that get together because they have similar views on how a nation should be managed. Working together, their goal is to make their party’s policies become law. The Liberal Party of Australia, the Australian Labour Party, the National Party, and the Australian Greens are Australia’s four main political parties.

The majority of MPs are members of a political party; those who do not are known as independents. Every Australian has the freedom to join or not join any political party of their choosing.


Module 3 - Lesson 8 Quiz

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The majority of MPs __________________?

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Every Australian citizen should join a political party________________?

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Political parties aim to have their policies ____________?

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Members of Australia’s political parties work _______________?

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Australia’s largest political parties are the Liberals, Labour, National Party and _________?

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Any MPs who does not belong to a political party is known as _______________?

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