Module 3 – Lesson 9- How is Australian government formed ?

After a federal election, the party with the most House of Representatives members (or the one that can create a majority in partnership with other parties) normally becomes the Australian Government, and the party leader becomes Prime Minister. In turn, the party (or coalition of parties) with the second most members becomes the Opposition and is led by the Leader of the Opposition.

Members of the House of Representatives or Senators will be chosen by the Prime Minister to serve as ministers in the new administration. The Governor-General must approve the Prime Minister’s and ministers’ appointments. Every government minister is assigned a portfolio, which is the specific area of government for which they are accountable, such as the economics, education, or employment. The ministers with the most important ministries are appointed to the Cabinet, which is where the government’s most critical decisions are made.


Module 3 - Lesson 9 Quiz

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The Prime Minister chooses his or her ministers from _______________?

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After a federal election, the government is formed by the party or parties holding _____________?

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The appointments of the Prime Minister and ministers must be approved by __________?

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A government minister covers an area of responsibility known as _____________?

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The leader of the party (or coalition of parties) with the second largest vote after an election becomes __________________?

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The ministers with the most significant areas of responsibility join to make up ______________?

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