Module 1 – Lesson 8- Australia’s symbols

Australians use a variety of emblems to symbolize their nation. The Commonwealth Coat of Arms is Australia’s official emblem, bringing together all of the aspects that make up the country. The coat of arms features a shield in the Centre with emblems for each state, and the shield is flanked on either side by a kangaroo and an emu, two of Australia’s most well-known natural creatures. Above the shield is a gold Commonwealth Star, similar to the one on the national flag, with a backdrop of the golden wattle, Australia’s national flower.

The golden wattle is a tiny tree native to southern Australia. It features brilliant green foliage and abundant golden yellow blossoms in the spring. In addition to a national flower, each state and territory has its own floral insignia. To represent the hues of the golden wattle, Australian sports teams typically wear green and gold jerseys.

The opal is Australia’s national gemstone. According to Aboriginal beliefs, the opal’s hues were produced when a rainbow landed on Australian soil.

Advance Australia Fair is Australia’s national song, and it is performed at major occasions both at home and abroad.


Module 1 - Lesson 8 Quiz

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Australia’s national plant is the ________________?

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The official symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia is _________________?

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Australia’s national anthem is ________________?

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Australia’s national gemstone is the __________?

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Aboriginal legend says that opals were created when the ground was touched by a ______________?

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The Commonwealth Coat of Arms features the Australian animals_______________?

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Above the shield on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms there is the _______________?

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The shield on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms carries the symbols of_____________?

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To reflect the colours of the national flower, Australian sports teams usually wear uniforms of __________________?

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