Module 2 – Lesson 5- Participating in Australian society

Every Australian citizen is urged to be an active member of society, taking responsibility for the nation’s future and always seeking to improve. Take an active interest in politics, become a community volunteer, join arts or cultural institutions, or join associations dedicated to improving your neighborhood.

Every Australian person is required to pay tax on their income, whether it is earned from work, owning a business, or investing. In Australia, taxes are collected by the Australian Taxation Office. In addition to income tax, numerous types of services and items must be taxed. Every Australian is responsible for ensuring that they pay the correct amount of tax. Taxation is necessary for the government to pay for Social Security, transportation, defence, education, and healthcare.

State/territory governments and local councils, in addition to national taxes, have the authority to collect taxes to support the services that their communities demand. Paying taxes has made a substantial contribution to Australia’s current peace and prosperity.


Module 2 - Lesson 5 Quiz

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Taxes in Australia may be imposed by ____________?

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A good way of actively participating in society is ___________________?

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Your taxes in Australia pay for _________________?

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Responsibility for paying tax rests with_______________?

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