Module 3 – Lesson 1- How do i have my say ?

As we learnt in Module 2, every Australian citizen over the age of 18 must register to vote and vote in all federal, state/territory, and referendums on amendments to Australia’s constitution.

Australia’s parliamentary democracy operates by each individual voting for a person to serve as their representative in parliament. If you do not correctly register to vote, you will not be allowed to exercise this privilege, and you will be in violation of electoral law and may be penalized. In Australia, compulsory voting ensures that parliament properly represents all of the country’s citizens.

The Australian Electoral Commision (AEC) oversees federal elections and referendums, as well as the electoral roll. This agency operates independently of the government and is not influenced by government officials or political parties.

Elections in Australia are held by secret ballot, allowing everyone to vote for whomever they choose. Nobody will know who your prefered candidate is until you tell them.

If you are unhappy with government policies or legislation, you can contact your elected representative and request that they consider challenging them in Parliament.


Module 3 - Lesson 1 Quiz

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If you have concerns about government policies or laws, the best way to raise your concern is to contact ____________________?

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Unless you choose to reveal it, you don’t have to tell anyone how you voted in an election except for________________?

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If you don’t sign up to the electoral roll, you could be _______________?

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When you vote in Parliamentary elections in Australia, you vote for _________?

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Voting in Australia is compulsory so that _____________________?

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Every Australian citizen has to vote once they reach the age of __________?

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