Module 2 – Lesson 1- Our democratic beliefs

Australia is governed by parliamentary democracy, which means that the government derives its authority from the population of the country through votes cast to elect a parliament. All members of Parliament who represent the electorate must defend their election choices.

Under the law, every Australian is equal. Every individual, group, and religious organization is treated equally under the law. Australia’s laws must be followed by all citizens, including the most powerful. The leaders of governments, societies, and religions, as well as the wealthiest business executives and police officers, are all subject to the same laws as everyone else.

Australia is a peaceful country with a stable governmental structure. Discussion, debate, and democracy drive change in Australia. It is never ethical to use violence to further a cause or enact new laws.

Australia’s democratic system is based on the premise that all people, regardless of their origins, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, money, politics, culture, disability, or marital status, have the same rights and are equal under Australian law. Every Australian is expected to treat their fellow Australians with respect and decency at all times.


Module 2 - Lesson 1 Quiz

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Equality under the law is enjoyed by ___________________?

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An Australian can expect to be treated differently by the law _________________?

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Australian law applies differently to ______________?

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All Australians have the same rights and equality under the law________________?

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The governmental system in Australia is a _________________?

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The decisions taken by the people’s representatives ultimately have to be justified in_____________?

8 / 8

The use of violence to promote a cause or belief is acceptable in Australia _____________?

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