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Alan Tudge acting minister of Immigration, said in a press release that citizenship test is now also based on Australian values. If the applicants want the Australian citizenship then they pass the citizenship test. To pass the test you must have sufficient knowledge of English as language, Australian living lifestyle and their cultural values, their responsibilities as a citizen, Understanding and commitment to the  Values of Australian that are based on Freedom, Respect and Equality.

  • Australian Citizenship Test was updated (effective after November 15, 2020) and it contains the following changes:
  • Revisions to the questions
  • There are new questions about Australian values
  • Australian Citizenship test contains five question about the Australian values and All applicants must have to answer them correctly to achieve a score of 75 percent overall in order to pass. It is equal to 15 out of 20 questions being answered correctly.

There are still 20 questions with multiple choice answers to be completed in 45 minutes.  The test resource book that is newly revised called Australian Citizenship : Our Common Bond will be used to test applicants only on those sections that are testable.

Why is it more difficult to pass the  Citizenship Test of Australian?

Four testable sections, as opposed to the previous three are included on New Booklet (Part Four is all about Australian Values)
1. Correctly answer 5 Australian values questions.
2. You can learn more about the gender values.
3. A greater emphasis will be placed on English literacy. All applicants must have enough   language proficiency to take the test, as the test is only conducted in the English language.

What is Australian Values and Why did the change in their test take place?

The Australian Government has made it very difficult for migrants who wish to be the citizen of Australia from the starting of 20th century.  It has been compulsory to start a stricter test of values as the Australian government struggles to deal with social unification and foreign influence, . The new citizenship test focus is on Australian values. The shared values of equality, freedom, and dignity of men and women, democracy, and the Rule of Law, as well as respect for each other, promote peace and safety within a country. Values shared by all are the bond that binds people together. It is expected for the migrants that come to Australia to speak and understand English very well according to Australian values so that the migrants can take part in the Australian society. This can help the applicants find a career, get an education, or integrate themselves into Australian society

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Australian values

A Little more about Citizenship test Australia

The Citizenship test was introduced by the Australian Government on 1 October 2007,  to decide Australian citizenship for the first. It means people must pass the test to apply for citizenship. The Australian citizenship test contain 20 multiple-choice questions that the applicants had to answered within 45 minutes.
The Citizenship test mainly covers information about Australian lifestyle, culture, geography, history, and harmony among them based on the booklet “Our Common Bond” that the Australian governments provided. This citizenship test motivates the individuals to become more familiar with their country and learn about becoming a good citizen, their responsibilities, and benefits.

Under the previous system, citizenship requests were also rejected when the applicant was found guilty of a grave offense. Now, the government considers this insufficient and even tighter the requirements for the citizenship test. The new test looks contains the history of all crimes, minor or not, that do not meet the Australian standard values such as welfare abuse.
These new questions in citizenship test contains question like queries about religious freedom or gender equality. These new questions cover topics like brutality against women and girls, female genital mutilation, and forced marriages.
The Australian citizenship test contains the following question that will be asked on Australian values:

  • Under what conditions is it acceptable to deny girls education?
  • Is it permissible for parents to force their children to marry against their wishes?
  • Under which situation the females can genitals be cut in Australia?
  • While it’s illegal to hit your spouse out in public, can you do so in private?
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The fees of the citizenship test will be covered by your application fee. If you give the test again then there is no need to pay again. The new citizenship test is not difficult to pass, all the  questions that can come in this test are already covered in the sample tests provided on our website. Just watched the Australian citizenship course videos and then attempted the quiz. You can easily prepare the 100 citizenship questions every day if keep practicing, if you have watched and practice all of the quizzes provided on the
According to new proposed regulations (subjected to legislation), after three failures at the citizenship test, an applicant is required to wait for two years before taking the test a second time. Those applicants that do cheating in the test their citizenship will be rejected.

The Australian Citizenship Test passing is mandatory for every person who want to become the citizen of Australia. There are many advantages in becoming the citizen of Australia , which not all other countries in the world provided and it ranges from free medical to public housing and financial help in the most time of the need.
Australian citizenship opens many lucky chances for the applicants, the person can work for the government depart and can join the defense force. In case of any kind of emergency you will get help in overseas through Australian consulate.  You can easily manage to get your citizenship of Australia by passing the test if you take guidance form our website. The Mock tests are a great source for the preparation of the test and it give you an idea of how the test look alike. You will need to learn a great deal of information from the resource book Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond. and practice online at

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Need help with the New Australian Citizenship Test preparation?

The Australian Citizenship Test all question updates are available in our online course .It is designed to prepare you for the new updated Australian Citizenship Test that consist of all Australian values questions and keep you updated with the Australian democracy value. This program is updated to review all the latest updates and changes. A large number of people prepare for the Citizenship Test Australia 2023 with the booklet and from this website and you can also use the same practice questions for the citizenship test in 2024. You can pass your exam with ease and confidence if you prepare and practice it from our website.

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