Australia is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. The Sponsored Visit Visa 600 of Australia is a great option if you want to travel to Australia for business, to meet friends or family, or to enjoy its natural beauty. The subclass Visit visa 600 requirements, features, benefits  and other things are provided in this guide. It also includes tips on how to make a successful visa application.

Apply Australian Visit Visa 600 without Agent

Australia is known for its beautiful landscapes, lively cities and diverse culture. This Visit Visa 600 is for those individuals that wish to visit Australia for staying in short-term, either for tourism, visiting family or friends, attending business meetings, or engaging in other projects that do not includes work or study. This visit visa allows single or multiple entries into Australia, with each stay that is limited to a maximum of 3, 6, or 12 months and these entries depends upon the purpose of the visit and the sponsor’s invitation. Below is the checklist you need to apply for the visa.

Case Study 1:

This Visa application is done without any agent the person got a successful grant of a Visit visa if the Applicant is the mother of an International Student. The mother doesn’t have any previous visa refusal or Australian Travel history, although she had visited Saudi Arabia on an Umrah Visa on this association-type Application by Student. Download Sample Application


Types of Subclass 600 Visitor Visas

The Subclass 600 visa offers several streams to accommodate different travel purposes. The main streams include:

  • Tourist Stream: Individuals that are visiting Australia for tourism, holidays, or visiting family and friends.
  • Business Visitor Stream: This Visit visa stream is for those people that are attending business meetings, conferences, or exploring business opportunities in Australia.
  • Sponsored Family Stream: This visit visa 600 stream is for people that are visiting their family members in Australia, where a family member in Australia sponsors their visit.
  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) Stream: For citizens of certain countries traveling with an organized tour group.
Australia visit visa 600

Eligibility Criteria for the Visit Visa 600

Visit Visa 600 eligibility requirements for each stream before you can begin the application process includes:

  • The GTE (Genuine Temporary Entry) requirement states that you must have the purpose of visiting Australia for a short time and then return home your short period is over
  • The Health and Character Criteria: The applicants must pass the health exams and obtain police clearances.
  • Your financial capacity should be sufficient to cover all your costs during your trip.
  • You must have a sponsor if you are applying for the Sponsored family Stream and that sponser must be with an Australian permanent resident or New Zealander citizen who has met certain criteria.
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Document Checklist for Visit Visa 600

You will also need essential documentation to apply for a Visitor Visa to Australia. Documents required for an Australian Visitor Visa vary depending on the stream you are in and your individual circumstances. However, some of them include:

  • Valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of entry to Australia.
  • Passport Size Color Photos: Please provide recent color photos with a required size and format.
  • This Visit Visa 600 Application form should be filled out correctly and honestly.
  • Please attach a bank statements and financial documents that will show your ability to support yourself financially during your time in Australia.
  • Please provide a travel itinerary and the details of your accommodation, such as flight reservations and hotel arrangements.
  • If required, proof of health insurance may be requested.
  • Please Provide a sponsorship proof (for the Sponsored family Stream). If you are applying for the Sponsored family Stream then submit the required documents, in addition to above documents, getting a sponsored visa required further documents which are mentioned below:

Document Checklist for Visit Visa 600 (Sponsored Family Visitor Visa Stream)

Australian Visit Visa 600 documents that you will need to submit in order to get the visa are given below. The visa officer may ask for some extra documents that are depending on your situation and the case. Most people will be asked to submit additional documents, If the file for the case is incorrectly submitted.

1. Application for sponsored family visitor visa by applicant Form 1418
2. Application for sponsorship by sponsor Form 1149
3. Passport
  • Current passport every page scanned copies ; and
  • Previous passport containing visas or stamps scanned copies of every page
4. Family Details

The National Database and Registration Authority issued a Family Registration Certificate (For Applicants From Pakistan) if Form B is not available, please explain if it’s impossible to get either of the documents.

5. Marriage Registration Certificate

Issued by NADRA or Nikah Nama( Marriage) Photographs. Divorce registration certificate in case of previous divorce

6. One recent passport size photo

(Taken in the last six months)

7. Funds/Finances
  • Proof that you will be able to support yourself during your time in Australia
  • Letter of account maintenance;
  • Bank Accounts statements with financial activities for the Last Three Months showing consistency in withdraw and transfer of money
Visit Funding by a relative or friend in Australia:
  • Your friend or relative should write a letter confirming that they are funding your trip to Australia. The letter must include the full name, date of birth and relationship of both parties to you as well as how long they plan to fund your visit to Australia.
    • You must provide evidence that you or your relative is financially capable of supporting your stay in Australia.
    • Bank Accounts Statements with financial activities for the Last Three Months showing consistency in withdraw and transfer of money
    • Pay slips/salary slips from the past three months
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If your visit is funded by a relative or friend outside Australia:
  • You must provide some evidence that you or your relative is financially capable of supporting your stay in Australia.
  • A letter stating they are funding your trip to Australia should be written by your friend or relative. This letter must consist of full name, date of birth and relationship of both parties to you as well as how long they plan to fund your visit to Australia.
  • Last Three Months Bank account statements
  • Past three months Pay slips/salary slips
  •  Employment letter or contract detailing their job, salary and duration of employment;
  • You will need to provide the evidence that your relative or friend is self-employed. This consist of the name and address of their business, details about what they do, a business license, as well as bank statements.
8. Travel Arrangements
  • The travel arrangements/accommodation and planned travel itinerary full details.
  • It is important that before the visa applications are decided you must not book or buy anything until we have confirmed your booking or buy airline tickets
9. Polio vaccination

– Polio vaccination validation certificate only for Pakistani Applicants are mandatory.

10. Employment

If you are employed:

  • Past three months pay slips/salary slips 
  • Copy of contract from employer or letter – detailing your job, your salary, the length of employment/contract;
  • A letter stating that the leave period (should be specified) is approved, and that after your business trip or leave of absence you will return to work by be send by your employer.

If you are self-employed:

  • Business registration license, statements of bank accounts relating to business and the company/business detail proof that includes – name and address, nature of business and information on the type of business.
  •  A certified copy of the National Tax Number Registration Certificate (NTN) must be issued by The Federal Board of Revenue 

If you are a student:

  • Proof of enrollment at school/college/university
  • The applicants under 18 travelling without one or both parents are eligible to apply .
  • A statutory declaration or the Form 1229 Consent to Grant an Australian Visa to a Child under 18 Years must be provides by the non-travelling parent/s 
  • Birth certificate or other certified evidence of parent-child relationship.
  • National ID cards and passports copies  for parents/guardians

Applicants over 75 years of age or older

– A proof that you have medical insurance covering your proposed length of your stay in Australia.

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11. Biometric Arrangements
  • Biometric will be advised by the department of home affairs after issuing the visa
  • Cost Approx. $50- 70 AUD
12. Cost/application fee

$190 AUD

13. Police clearance Certificate
14. Statutory Declaration by applicant
15. Statutory Declaration by sponsor
16. Sponsor’s documents
  • Sponsor’s residency status( sponsor’s passport)
  • Employment documents
  • Contract or letter from your employer copy that states your position, details of your income, length of your contract/employment
  • House lease agreement
  • Bank statement
  • Salary slips
  • Taxation documents
  • Utility bills under sponsors name
  • Medicare
  • Australian license

Which countries don’t required Australian Tourist Visa 600

All travelers, except of those that hold a passport from one of these countries, must apply for a tourist visit visa 600 to Australia: if you hold a passport issued by one of these countries then you can obtain an eVisitor . If you possess a valid passport then you may also apply for Electronic Travel Authority . This Visitor Stream Visa is not available for these two types of travel authorizations. You can get a New Zealand visa on arrival if you’re a New Zealander.

  • European Union countries
  • New Zealand
  • Andorra
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Monaco
  • Norway
  • San Marino
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Vatican City
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • United States

Apply online Tourist visit visa 600

  1. Create an ImmiAccount if you are applying online

Create an ImmiAccount if you are applying online. You can use this account to manage and submit your visa applications.

Application form filling: Please fill out the application correctly and provides all the necessary information that includes travel plans and personal details.

Visit Visa 600 fees: The application visa fees are specified by the Australian Government specifies  that is non-refundable. Online Payment using various methods are also available

  • Add all the supporting documents, you can upload all your supporting documents online or send them with the paper version of your application.
  • Biometrics Collection is required (if applicable), You may have to submit fingerprints and photographs at an application center in some situations.
  • Attend Interviews (if Required), You may need to go through an interview with the Australian consulate or embassy, depending on your situation.

Await Visit Visa 600 Decision

After Visit Visa 600 application have been submitted then you had to wait for Australian authorities to review your visa request. Processing times may differ depending on your situation and how many applications you have. Once you get grant of you visa, you can travel any time within mentioned time frame on the visa.

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