Australia eVisitor (subclass 651)

The Australian government has make easier for certain citizens to travel to Australia with the help of eVisitor electronic visa program. This visa program is mainly used whether for business or tourism purpose. The eVisitor visa drops into the 651 subclass groups. 

What is eVisitor (subclass 651)?

The eVisitor Visa is a virtual, which means that the whole application can be filled electronically. It is impermissible for the person to visit the consulate Australian embassy and then filling out the form. Such rules are not need to be follow; all they have to do is virtually filling of form and then entering its submission. The automatic visa system shortens the application proceedings for candidates as well as immigration officials.

The eVisitor Visa is proposed, most importantly, for the citizens of European Union member states as well as select European countries like Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. The aspiring candidate should know if he or she meets the eligibility criteria for an e-visitor visa. Also, they should be conscious of passport validity from an eligible nation, screening their intention for their trip, having good health and having adequate reserves to cover their costs during their holiday.

Benefits of eVisitor visa

  • Easy travel to Australia: Using this visa, you can travel to Australia as a tourist, meet your family and friends and do any business-related work. You can also use this 3-month stay visa for course or training program enrollment.
  • How as a business visitor: By eVisitor visa program you can mark general inquiries about business and employment, examine, review, or enter a contract and want to participate in a seminar, conference, or trade show. You can’t be paid to attend.
  • Period of stay: It is a kind of temporary visa granted and its duration begins as long as you get it. It remains valid only for 12 months or a year. You can visit America as long as your eVisitor is valid enough to stay for up to 3 months. This visa comes with a multiple entry option so you don’t need to be worried about your next visit.
  • A longer stay: The option of extending eVisitor is not available. Apply for another visa that will suit your circumstances.
  • Slot in family: In eVisitor visa, you cannot slot in your family. This application is only valid for a single person. A distinct application must be prepared for each member of your family, including those listed on your passport.
  • Free of cost: this visa is free of cost. There is no money asked for it.
  • Access to healthcare: The eVisitor visa gives a free entree to the Australian public healthcare system under the influence of a reciprocal headcare agreement (RHCA) with certain countries.
  • Time of processing: The visa process is carried out quite quickly otherwise in other visa proceedings takes a hige drawback with time.
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Drawbacks of eVisitor

  • No delay in it: The suspending authority of the eVisitor Visa is not followed beyond the duration. If you wish to prolong your visit in Australia, either apply for another visa or departure the country.
  • Situations: The eVisitor Visa is subject to different conditions just similar to other Australian visa. Failure to meet these conditions can result in visa refusal or cancellation.
  • No study: While holders of eVisitor Visas can take short, non-formal courses for up to three months in Australia, they cannot enroll full time in a course.
  • Work Right Not Allowed: Holders of eVisitor Visas are forbidden from fetching paid employment or jobs in Australia. This visa is mainly concerned with limited business and travel events.
  • No Health Insurance: The eVisitor Visa does not comes with health insurance. It is suggested that the travel insurance by travelers should be there in order to cover medical costs acquired while they are residing in Australia.

Application process

It is easy to apply for an eVisitor Visa (subclass 651) online, either through Australia’s immigration approved website or a migration agent. The application method typically includes:

  • Fees: A visa application fee that is non-refundable must be paid at the time of visa application submission. You can also compensate the fee online with a debit or credit card.
  • Documents of Support: According to the settings of each candidate, they may need to provide associated certification, including a scan of their passport, a travel itinerary, evidence of funds, a recent photo, or accommodation indication.
  • Character and Health Charge: In certain cases, the applicant may be required to submit a police clearance certificate or undergo a medical examination to meet health and character requirements.
  • Online application: The online form must be completed by the applicant, including personal information, travel details, and plans as well as the reason for their trip to Australia.
  • Visa Grant: After the application has been submitted and processed, the applicant will be informed through an email of the decision that has been taken for them. The eVisitor Visa will automatically engage the passport of the applicant if it is permitted.
  • Australia Travel: With an eVisitor Visa, travelers can travel to Australia until the validity of their visa is available.
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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an eVisitor visa (subclass 651), applicants must meet certain requirements set forth by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. These requirements include:

  • Nationality: Australian government stated that applicants must hold a passport from one of the qualified countriest which comes in the criteria. These countries are usually European Union members, but also include a few others, such as Norway and Switzerland.
  • Character and Health Requirements It is mandatory to meet health and character standards set forth by the Australian government. Revelation of criminal records and health concerns (interact to any disease) are also required.
  • Visit Purpose: The eVisitor Visa is chiefly driven for business and tourism purposes. It is therefor, important for the candidate to show that he/she desperately want to visit Australia as a traveler, for social and recreational activities or staying family or friends. Individuals may also visit Australia on a short-term basis for business, such as to attend conferences, meetings or negotiate business contracts.
  • Economic state: The applicant must show that they are able to pay for their own expenditures while visiting the Australia. You can provide proof of your financial capacity in the form bank statements, employment agreements, or sponsor letters.
  • Prior Visa Refusal or Cancellation Individuals who have a prior history of refusal or cancellation may not qualify for an eVisitor Visa. To avoid complications, it is important to give accurate information and adhere to all visa requirements.

The process you should follow when applying


Fill the application of eVisitor visa online


Since you have applied, then you will receive the notification within 12 hours, if not then recheck your application.

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Also check whether there is any message related to traveling because you can’t travel Australia until the notification notifies it.


You will get a transcribed decision regarding your visa request. You will be informed:

  • your visa grant number
  • Your visa requirements
  • The date that your visa begins

Put a copy of acceptance visa with you during your travel to Australia to avoid any problem. For Further information kindly visit the official link.

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