Training visa (subclass 407)

The significance of the training visa subclass 407 is the transfer of skills and information across national borders. It supports the growth of individuals, companies, and entire industries. The visa allows for structured training in the workplace, which can help applicants gain experience and enhance their skills. Subclass 407 visas provide Australian companies and organizations with an opportunity to reach specialized overseas talent, achieve growth, solve skill shortages and promote innovation via international collaboration.

Benefits of training visas, subclass 407

  • Talent Gain: Australian visa holders can take part in structured training in the workplace, which allows them to learn new skills and gain experience. They also have a chance to enrich their abilities skillfully in assured fields.
  • To achieve International Experience: This visa is applicable for acquiring treasured experience overseas while training and working in Australia only. They will be acknowledged with several work cultures and techniques.
  • Innovation term: This visa is valuable in innovation, collaboration and transfer of new technologies and methods. The chances are only attained when the visa is granted. However, it also uplifts knowledge altercation, being a part of different practices and many more.
  • Figure Specialized Connects: Visa holders can form links and connections with peers, industry experts and leaders, undoubtly they are among Australian visa granter. This will be precious to future profession and collaboration prospects.
  • Input to Economy: The Subclass 407 Visa contributes to Australia’s economic development and growth by appealing professionals to take part in training programs. It will in short enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence. The visa also nurtures competition, origination and skills within key industries.
  • Career Advancement: Training programs act as a booster for the students who wants to learn new modernization in market, level up skills and this will ultimately lead to new opportunities in future while living in Australia.
  • Visa for Cultural Exchange: This visa inspires the chat of cultures and mutual understanding between individuals with diverse nationalities and backgrounds, while fostering respect, cooperation, and gratitude in a situation that is multicultural.
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Categories of training:

The training visa subclass 407 caters to some categories as discussed below

  • Office- based training: The applicant can do on job training by working in offices, hospitals, and factories as an Australian employer.
  • Professional preaches:  The training visa subclass407 is fortune to students for enrolling in several seminars, conferences, or professional skills proving prefunded in livelihood and industry.
  • Structured Training: The Australian government also conducts structured training programs for participants to participate in and enjoy new learning opportunities.


  Application Process

  • The Documents:  The applicant should keep all the significant documents, such as passport, evidence of relation with respective student (birth certificate or any other certification) , financial statements , medical exams copy , insurance paper and police clear character identification. Also they should carry evidential qualifications regarding English language or any other work experience that is gained abroad.
  • Should have sponsorships: It is permissible for the applicant to chiefly have sponsorship from the relevant Australian organization.
  • Fill form: Pay a visit to the website of the department of Home Affairs ImmiAccount then create an account, fill in the relevant questions with the right information and then click on the submission area.
  • Cost: After filling out the form, now pay the visa application fee at the time lodged on the application. Well, the fees may vary; depending on the origin can be paid using online resource.
  • Biometric selection: As part of visa application processing, some applicants will be asked to go to a biometric session at a specific location in order to submit their facial biometrics and fingerprints.
  • Health is good: The Training visa demands good health and character evidence. So, the respective trainer has to undergo health examination to avoid any consequences during the journey.
  • Clean character evidence: The applicant should also have police-clean history evidence, mainly a certificate which you have earned while living a year or 10 years in your homeland.
  • Pause for some time until the application is complete.
  • Outcome: once the application is lodged, it’s time to wait until the visa granted notification is received.
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Training visa

Eligibility Criteria

  • Granted sponsor: The applicant should be sponsored through an Australian company or employer who will help in the training program.
  • Alignment: The visa importantly reveals that the projected training shows alignment with the applicants’ qualifications, skills certification, occupation or career goals.
  • Age is 18: The respective applicant must be 18 years or older when applying for training visa subclass 407
  • Requirements:  You are trying to get this training visa, it is only possible if you grasp a valid temporary substantive visa ( a visa that allows the visa holder to remain temporarily in Australia). The substantive shouldn’t be A subclass 771 transit visa, subclass 403 temporary work visa or a special occasional visa. You must apply within 28 days if you’re in Australia without a visa substantive. Your last visa substantive must not be one of those listed above.
  • Have sufficient fitness insurance. The Australian government will only help with the expense of medically relevant. So it is mandatory for the applicant to have enough funds to cover the fee during any emergency.
  • Intentions:  The person should be clear about his intention of staying satisfactorily in Australia and will only conclude on things for which the permission is granted by the Australian government.
  • English speaking talent: The applicant should be aware of basic functional English.

Reasons of development in workforce with this visa

Training Visas (Subclass 407) play a dynamic part in Australia’s workforce aims.

The applicant can find cooperation within skill shortages and gaps in industries such as hotels, IT, health care, engineering, and hospitality. It can prove beneficial in a range of exceptional knowledge transfer and capacity-building initiatives done to advance the competence and services of local workers. The granted visa also promotes lifelong learning among the chosen applicants and existing Australian employees by revealing to them new practices and know-hows. Eventually, the stance will form a speculating Australia—a destination of choice amongst professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking training and career options that offer world-class quality.

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Living period

Being a transitory visa, the living period is only up to 24 months.


The fee for the visa is around AUD405.00 and is non-refundable.

Visa processing period

The visa processing time guide tool will locate the time for your application. The processing time for recent applications will be shown. Probably, In some cases the visa application is processed very rapidly while in some not.

Apply the application step-by-step.

Step-1: Fill the application from correctly. Also you can ask help from a registered migrations agent, legal practitioner or an exempt person.

Step-2: Since you have applied, then you will receive the notification within 12 hours, if not then recheck your application.

Step-3: Also check whether there is any message related to traveling because you can’t travel with student guardian visa until the notification notifies it.

You will get a transcribed decision regarding your visa request. You will be informed:

•             Your visa grant number

•             Your visa requirements

•             The date that your visa begins

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