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Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)


It began in 1996, when ETA introduced subclass 601, defining the Australian permit system. A digital visa platform that began under the authority of the Australian government to facilitate easy travel for the people who are eligible for it. The article will define the in-depth details about the ETA system so that those who are new to it can understand it in a better way, including the features, application process, benefits, limitations, eligibility criteria and its importance to Australian living and landmarks.

What is the Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601)?

A computerized and automated system that involves a visit to Australia for a limited time, preferably for either vacationing or business work. The visa application is now at ease for completion, as there are no visa labels or stamps on the passports. The applicants who are selected collect electronic confirmation linked to their passport.

Analysis of the Electronic Travel Authority

  1. Automatic system: Firstly, the ETA system is totally controlled in an electronic way. The wishing candidates, instead of going to the embassy, can apply for the visa course virtually.
  2. Limited stay: ETA holders can only stay for 3 months during their visit to Australia. This stay is favorable for relative and family meetings, tourism and business-related work.
  3.  Restructure handling: sometimes the ETA applications handling are quite rapidly proving convenient to the travelers. The time follows from minutes to many hours for submission process.
  4.  Entries rule: Australia can be traveled for numerous stretches and time, may be a year from the time of issued.
  5.  No use of stamps: Unlike outdated visas, People don’t face any difficulty if their ETA not contains labels or stamps in the passports.
  6.  User-friendliness: ETA holders can easily handle their visa process online devoid of any difficulty of physical activity. This can simplify new informal updates and extensions if essential to be done.
  7. Verification virtual: Immigration authorities and airlines can automatically undergo a verification procedure that concludes border security and entry concerns.
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Important considerations and short limitations

The ETA is a contrivance for visa applications, but it has some boundaries and restrictions.

  1. Stay for the short term: The validation for ETA subclass 601 holders is only for 3 months.
  2. Health and Character: The Australian Government may entail supplementary documentation and authorize the applicant’s health and character eligibility.
  3. Visa Validity: An ETA’s validity is only for the original period and can’t be increased for further time. The longer stay requires other visa category procedures.
  4. Work is Restraint: You cannot work in Australian even if you have ETA visa. Personages who are willing to find and do a job in Australia must have the right work visa.
  5. Eligible for visa: Some nationalities ETA qualification is not required. Before applying, applicants must validate the countries which offer eligible criteria for the ETA.

Values for ETA holders

ETA can be attained hastily if the online application and processing time are rapid.

  1. Tractability: Candidates with ETA can relish the flexibility in Australia multiple times and stay for limited episodes.
  2. Cost-effective: The ETA application fee is quite low as compared to visa fees. This makes it a reasonable optimal choice for visitors to Australia on an instant basis.
  3. Proficiency: Automated verification and modernized processing recover efficiency at immigration checkpoints. This decreases waiting time for travelers.
  4. Border security: The electronic verification of ETA subclass 601 status boosts border safety by allowing the authorities to screen travelers before they arrive in Australia.
subclass 601

Application Processing

The process of applying for an ETA typically involves a few simple steps.

  1. Virtual Applications: The Australian Government website is used to submit the ETA subclass 601 online application. Aspirants can reprise this process with other authorized service workers.
  2. Submit the Documents: In order to submit the supporting documents like tourism plans, passport details and private information may be desired during the application processing.
  3. Fees: The fee payable is a non-refundable amount.
  4. Status Authorization: Upon acceptance, his or her ETA status is provided virtually, usually via email. The ETA, by electronic means, is associated with the passport of the candidate.
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Eligible passport

ETA (Subclass 600) authorization needs applicant satisfaction toward specific criteria, including:

  1. Nationality and Race: In the countries and territories that are made acceptable by Australian government visa rules, only people with such nationality can be provided with ETA.
  2. Reason for Visiting: Candidates with ETA holders can stopover in Australia for just a short period to take part in training areas, enjoy vacation, and do business work, attending meetings or workshops, and paying a visit to relatives and friends.
  3. Enough funds: The applicant should be aware of the amount he has and have enough to cover his expenses in Australia. Otherwise, they will not be given an ETA.
  4. Character and health verification: The Australian government has set a requirement for every candidate to meet in their health and character, which can be criminal history or bad health reports, particularly if the person has spent a long time in that illness, e.g., COVID-19.
  5. Work is not restricted. Although business activities are allowed, the ETA doesn’t approve of doing a job in Australia. The ETA does not authorize labor in Australia.
  6. No to studying: Well, ETA subclass 601 doesn’t confine itself to the study visa thing; applicants coming with these intentions are prohibited. They should apply for the study visa program.
  7. Prior visa cancellation: The history of the candidate should be cleared with any visa cancellation beforehand. This can affect the criteria for an ETA.


As discussed earlier, if you are willing to enter Australia on a trip, you will be asked for a visa. However, the duration spent on a trip, initially in Australia, sums to the entire time you spend there. The time during the departure from Australia is not counted in the process. The stay period of your visa will not be reset by a round-trip cruise. You can ask your travel agent or tour worker if they reflect the voyage you are taking as a round-trip.

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How do I apply?


  • Check the validity of your passport
  • Download the ETA app for free from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • For help, you can watch videos related to ETA guides.

Step 2
Apply for visa

  • You can apply by downloading the Australian ETA app.
  • If you are not eligible for ETA, then you can also apply for other visas that may suit your current state.
  • Authority should be given the right information about you, such as holding any other state passport, any other identity or name and criminal or domestic violence history.

Step 3
You will receive an immediate response to your ETA request. This happens in most situations, so there may be some delay in getting the announcement. You may find a notification in your email, even if it is in your spam folder and such texts can be received.

  • You didn’t complete it correctly
  • Your information may be difficult to verify.
  • We need to know more about you

Step 4
Result of visa
It will contain the outcome, whether your visa is accepted or not. If granted, then it will contain your visa number, the date your visa duration will begin, and your conditions.
Also, keep a copy of the decision with you while you are in Australia.

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