Transit visa

Transit visa (subclass 771)

People who want to change their route from Australia to somewhere else can choose Transit visa (subclass771) for this condition. Australian Government gives an optional momentary visa to transport to final destination from Australia. In easy words, this visa is used as break or stopover during your visit to any third country. You can stay for up to 72 hours until your journey is continued. Well, transit visa is not valid for candidates who want to travel Australia for business purpose or for tourism. It indirectly permits the smooth journey of explorers going through the changing flights or airlines in Australia en route to any other state.

However, this article will give brief details about visa applications, their process, eligibility criteria, limitations and considerations.

Benefits of Transit visa

  • This visa is only eligible for a short stay that can last for 72 hours until you have to leave Australia by air or sea.
  • Arrive in Australia by air or sea and join the crew on a qualified vessel within five days after arrival as a Maritime Crew Visa (MCV).
  • The amount is eco-friendly and non-refundable.
  • You cannot stay longer than 72 hours unless you have a Maritime Crew Visa (MCV).
  • The transit stay cannot be extending for more hours. Eager to stay then go for separate visa application process.
  • The rules of visa strictly condemn the involvement of family and relative. So, it is impossible for a single visa carrier to bring his/her family. You can apply for family visa.
  • The transit visa is only legal if you live outside Australia.
  • The processing time is sometimes rapid while not. It depends on application processed date and time.
  • The moment you enter Australia it is important to follow and obey their laws until your stay duration comes to an end.
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What is a Maritime Crew Visa (MCV)?

The Maritime Crew Visa in Transit (MCV), a specific category of visa provided by the Australian Government for crew members who are on non-military vessels or ships and required to ship Australia during their calling,. The persistence of this visa is to provide ease to maritime crews who must pass through Australian ports during their trip.


Inadequate period: The MCV transit visa used for a limited stay period is as similar as the Transit Visa Subclass 771. The crew followers can usually last in Australia for as long as their ship is stopped at the port for some time period determined by their duty.

Precise: The MCV is only valid for troops who transferred through Australia in the course of their duty on non-military vessels or ships. The MCV is prohibited for users who visit a country for tourism, business, or other activities besides maritime transit.

Online application They can fill out the application form online for the Maritime Crew Visa in Transit (MCV) through the official website of the Australian Government or registered migration agents. Numerous details are required to complete the application, including personal details, passport information, vessel details, and employment proof.

Transit Rights The MCV allows the crew of ships and vessels that are not military to travel through Australia. The MCV allows crew members to pass through Australia while the vessel harbors at an Australian port.

Conditions  Australian immigration laws must be followed when crew troops are the holders of MCV. It is obligatory for the crew members to accomplish their responsibilities in Australia. They cannot be involved in any activities unrelated to maritime duty.

The Maritime Crew Visa in Transit (MCV), is an important visa for non-military crews or ships who are transiting through Australia. The Maritime Crew Visa (MCV) in transit facilitates smooth crew movement within Australian ports, while also ensuring that immigration laws and maritime industry regulations are met.

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Application process

  • Determining Eligibility Before hand submission of an application for the Transit Visa (771 Subclass), candidates must meet eligibility requirements. It is essential to have a set flight leaving Australia in the next 72 hours and a visa valid for your final destination.
  • Required essential documents: Save all the required documents during your journey, such as passport information, proof of travel and other documentation.
  • Entree to the electronic system: The Transit Visa application (subclass 771) can be submitted via the Australian Government immigration website. For this, you have to create an ImmiAccount and fill out the online form appropriately.
  • Visa Cost Payment is required for the entire application. Fees can be altered depending on the individual and are non-refundable even if a visa isn’t granted.
  • Submit the Application Online and Wait for Processing: When the fees are paid, you can submit your application online. Processing time for Transit Visas (Subclass 771) varies depending on several factors, such as volume and circumstances.
  • Visa decision: Subsequently the application has been handled; the candidate will be informed of the outcome. The visa grant notification will electronically be related with the passport of the applicant if it is approved.

Criteria for eligibility

  • Transit tenacity: The applicant must show through supporting documents that they are transiting through Australia in order to get to their destination. It is not allowed to do any other activity while the applicant is in Australia.
  • Booking for Onward Travel Individuals are required to have an onward travel booking confirmed within 72 hours after arrival. It could be a flight schedule or any other proof of travel.
  • Character and Health Requirements All applicants are required to meet the health and character standards explained in the rules by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. It may be compulsory to provide medical certificates or clearances from the police if this is deemed appropriate.
  • Validity visa: The applicant must have a valid Visa for the Country they will be traveling after departing Australia. The visa must be valid during the entire transit period.
  • Visa Conditions Holders of Transit Visas (Subclass 771), must adhere to all Visa Conditions during their stay. It is important to follow strictly to the 72 hour transit time and abstain from fetching in any actions that are forbidden by the visa of Australian government.
  • Prior Visa Cancellation: A separate person who has had their visa for Australia invalid or denied may not qualify for a transit visa (Subclass 771). The applicant must accurately disclose all previous visas and their subsequent information.
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Transit visa

How do I apply?

Step-1 Prior to application submission, it is important for the applicant to look whether he/she is eligible for it or not. This will reduce the chances of any consequences at the time of traveling.

Step-2 Apply for the visa process electronically.

Step-3 once outcome is received you will eventually know whether approval is provided or not.

Step-4 Put your all-important traveling documents with you such as passport, other country visa.


Your visa must not be approved if you are not in Australia. You will obtain your  written decision.

  • your visa grant number
  • The date that your visa begins is imperative.
  • If relevant, check the visa requirements.

Save a copy of it and keep it with you.

We will let you know if you faced rejection with your visa:

  • Reason of denying
  • You should check if you are entitled to an appeal of the ruling.
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