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Subclass 482 visa – Australia work visa

The skilled worker or employees that wants to improve their career prospects and enjoy a quality life they always choice choose Australia, a destination place for achieving your dreams. 482 visa , the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS), visa plays an important role in Australia’s skilled migration program. This Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, subclass 482, give the opportunity to Australians employers to solve skill shortages through sponsorship of skilled foreign workers for specific jobs that are not filled by the talent of Australian talent. The key characteristics, eligibility criteria and application process of the visa 482, and its benefits and challenges are given with a detail guide.

The 482 Visa: What you need to know

On 18 March 2018, this Subclass 482,, the Temporary Work-Skilled visa (subclass 457), was replaced. This visa allows employers to temporarily hire overseas skilled workers to fill critical skill gaps on the Australian labor market. There are two streams available:

· Short-Term Stream :This visa is for skilled occupations on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation list (STSOL). The employers can sponsor workers for a short period of up to two years. This stream does not lead to permanent residence.

· Medium Term Stream: This visa stream is for job on the Medium and long-term Strategic Skills List. Employers can sponsor workers in these occupations up to a period of 4 years. This program offers the opportunity to obtain permanent residence through either the Regional Sponsored Migrant Scheme (subclass 197) or the Employer Nomination Scheme (186).

Employment Criteria

To sponsor an employee under the visa 482 the employers must fulfil some criteria that are:

Market Testing of Labor: The employer must prove that they have tested the labor market of Australia, unless they are excepted. This is to show that they really have done so but were unable to locate suitable Australians for the job.

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Market Salary: The employer had to pay the employee a market competitive salary, or the threshold for temporary skilled migration income (TSMIT), whichever one is greater. Same Australian employees an offer and conditioner given to them. The employer may have to contribute to the Skilling Australia’s Fund to help train local workers.

The eligibility criteria for applicants:

The 482 visa is only available to skilled workers who meet certain criteria.

•  Job: The applicant must hold a skilled job listed in the STSOL (or MLTSSL) list.

•  Skills Assessment: The applicants are required to submit a skills evaluation by the appropriate assessing authority in order to demonstrate their experience and qualifications according to their profession.

•  English Language Proficiency – The English language requirement varies depending on your occupation and visa stream.

•  Genuine Temporary Entry: The applicant must show that they have an intention to stay in Australia for a limited time and do not plan to settle permanently.

• The applicant must also fulfil the criteria for health and character to make sure they don’t pose any risk to the public safety or health.

How to Apply 482 visa

482 Visa steps that are involved in applying for the application are :

a. Sponsorship application: First, the employer needs to apply for Standard Business Sponsorship approval (SBS) that proves the employer ability to sponsor the foreign workers.

b. After the approval of sponsoring employer, the worker is then nominated for the specific job.

The skilled worker may apply for a visa 482 after the nomination has been approved. This application must go with the supporting documentation, that includes the results of the English proficiency test, health checks, and skills assessment. If the visa is granted, the Department of Home Affairs assesses the request and grants the visa.

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482 visa
work visa australia

Benefits and challenges of 482 visa


• Skill shortages: This visa allows businesses to grow their business growth by hiring skilled foreign workers that help them in filling of critical skills gaps.

• Temporary work opportunity: With this Visa all the highly skilled workers will get the opportunity to gain valuable experience in Australia and can enhance their career prospects.

• Permanent Residence: Employer-sponsored permanent visas are available for the Medium-Term Stream, which could provide the visa holder a pathway to permanent residence to skilled workers.

• Family members: In their visa applications, skilled workers may include the names of eligible relatives, which will allow them to study, live and work in Australia.


• Labor Market Testing may be burdensome for employers and take a lot of time.

• The Short-Term-Stream is limited: Under the Short-Term-Stream, skilled workers do not have a direct path to permanent residence. This may discourage some applicants.

• Changes to the Lists of Skilled Occupations: The occupations that are on the lists can change at any time and it may affect the eligibility for potential applicants.

• English Language Requirements – One of the biggest challenges that the applicants face are the English standard. Those persons that do not speak English or their native language is not English they feel very difficult in meeting these language standards.

Family Members:

The family members that can apply on your 482 visa are:

  • The person spouse, parents or partner
  • The person or their partner minor or adult dependent children.
  • The person or their partner minor or adult dependent grandchildren
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Transferring to permanent residency and Citizenship

The pathway that are available to skilled workers who are on the medium-term stream of the 482 are as follow.

a. The Employer Nomination scheme (subclass 186): This scheme will allow the skilled workers to be nominated by their employers for a permanent residence visa followed by Australian Citizenship.

b. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187): The Employers in regions may sponsor skilled workers for permanent residence using this program.

Skilled Visa: The Skilled Workers that satisfy the criteria based on points can apply to the General Skilled Migration Program for Permanent Residency.


Temporary Shortage (TSS), subclass 482, is an important component in Australia’s skilled immigration program. It can overcome the shortages of critical skills persons. This visa allows employers to recruit skilled foreign workers, and skilled migrants can get valuable experience working in Australia. This visa requirement, eligibility cost and their important things are describes in detail. The 482 visa, with careful planning and adhering to requirements can lead to an exciting and rewarding temporary job experience in Australia.

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