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When an Australian Immigrant plans to get married, the first thought that came into his/her mind is their Partner Visa of Australia, if the partner is not permanent resident or living offshore. To recognize the diversity of relationships and the importance of family reunion the Australian Government of Australia has created the Partner Visa Program . This Visa program give the opportunity to partners to live with their families in Australia and create a new life.  Australia Partner Visa’s different classes, its eligibility criteria, the application process, the requirements, the benefits, any potential challenges and free sample application along with supporting documents are covered in this guide.

Understanding the Partner Visa Australia

Australia Partner Visa that is also known as  Subclasses 309/100 and 820/801 for onshore or Subclasses 802/801 for offshore), was made to help the couples in the reunite  with a real and sincere relationship. This Partner visa gives heterosexual as well as same-sex partners the chance to live together. First, we will examine the Partner Visa’s importance in terms of promoting cultural diversity and family reunification in Australia.

Case Study1 : Download Sample Application

Applicant was living in Australia since 2012 and then he got married overseas. Both partner must be from Pakistan, For reference purpose the Detailed documentation of the Application is provided. 

Types of Australian Partner Visas

Partner Visas are issued to partners in two basic categories:

Subclasses 820/801 and (Onshore). This Subclass visa is for those applicants that are living in Australia and wants to get a temporary, or later permanent residency status based on a partner relationship they have with  permanent resident of an Australian.
Subclasses 309/100 and 309/100A (Offshore), This Subclass visa is for those applicants that are living outside Australia and they wants a permanent and temporary residency on the basis of their relationship to an Australian national or permanent resident.

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Eligibility Criteria

Australian Partner Visa eligibility criteria for applying are:

  • Australian partner’s genuineness must be provided by the applicants as an evidence. Proof that includes evidence of joint accounts, shared housing arrangements and communications history is needed.
  • Age requirements: The partner and the applicant both must be over 18 years of age at the date of application.
  • Sponsorship: The Australian partner should be prepared to sponsor and support the application.
  • Character and Health Requirements: The Applicants are required to meet character and health requirements in order to be deemed not to pose a health or safety threat to the general public.

The Application Process

Australian Visa applications can be time-consuming and complex. The process involves several phases:

Provisional Stage (Subclass 820/309 Visa): This visa allows you to temporarily live in Australia until your permanent application has been processed.
Permanent Stage (Subclass 801/100 Visa) After a period of two years with a visa provisional, the applicant is entitled to request a permanent visa provided that their relationship still meets all the criteria.
Documentation Required for Application: The applicant must include substantial evidence in their application to demonstrate the validity of the relationship. Included are documents like statutory statements, financial records and bills from a joint household, photos together, as well as communication histories.
Period of Waiting: This visa is in high demand and a huge number of this visa applications can cause the processing period longer. The applicants patience are required in the visa waiting time.

Partner Visa Cost:

Partner Visa Cost is AUD8,850.00 for most applicants but the cost or Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) holders is  AUD1,475. The processing time take longer time if you do not fill the application correctly and you do not submit all the documents that are required for the visa. When your applying for this visa then remember you must live in Australia and you had a genuine relationship with your partner.

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Pros and Cons of the Partner Visa


  •  Loved Ones Reunion: The Australian Visa facilitating the reunification of families by providing an opportunity for couples to live together in Australia.
  • Unrestricted Work Rights: This Partner Visa holders can work in Australia without any limitation, contributing to the economy of the country and can easily maintain their lifestyle .
  • Study Opportunities: Partners with this visa can enroll in Australia education and training courses at the same price that an Australian resident pays, which is quite low as compared to international students.
  • Medicare Access: Visa holders are entitled to Australia’s exceptional healthcare system card Medicare and have their checkups done without going out of pocket expenses.
  • Travel Flexibility: This Partner visa allows many entries to and from Australia during its validity. You do not have to worry about leaving and entering again.
  • Pathway to Citizenship: After fulfilling some requirements for residency the visa holders can apply for Australian citizenship and they can start doing practice from our provided citizenship practice tests.


  • Long Time for Processing: The Australian Partner Visa application process can be lengthy that can  leads to prolonged separation for couples. The  requirements for relationship are strict and may be hard to satisfy for certain couples. This is especially true of those with long-distance relations.
  • Financial Cost: The Australian Partner Visa application fees and other associated costs can be important that adds financial strain to the process.
  • Uncertainty: The result of this visa application is uncertain, that can cause anxiety and stress for applicants. The Waiting times for visas processing can strain relationships and interfere with plans. While a temporary visa will allow the applicant the opportunity to remain in Australia while awaiting a permanent one can be stressful.
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Tips for a Successful Application

  • Gather Complete Evidence: By providing a variety of evidence, such as documents relating to financial transactions, jointly owned assets, records on joint trips, or photographs, you can improve your application.
  • Ask for Professional Advice. A registered immigration agent or lawyer can help you in this visa process to make your application properly prepared and that it meets all the requirements.
  • Be Transparent and Honest: Your visa may be refused if you are dishonest or hide any relevant information
  • You should carefully read the instructions from the Department of Home Affairs’ and adhere to them in order not to incur unnecessary delays.
Australia Partner Visa


Australian Partner Visa is a great chance for all separated couples to be together and start a family in this multicultural and friendly country. This Partner visa eligibility criteria, application process cost, benefits and challenges are given in this guide so that the applicants can navigate through them before applying for the visa. The Visa application process is very challenging but with determination and love the couples will be able to embrace  new lifestyle of Australia’s and making lasting memories.

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