Australia is a destination country for many people and especially students. The students want to purse their higher education from the university of Australia. The students are closed due to COVID but now Australia opened its visa for the students who wants to study internationally in their country. If you want to stay, study and work in Australia during your study period then Student visa is compulsory. After you apply for the Student Visa and your application is accepted then an interview is conducted. The candidate had to ace the interview for visa to get the Australian Visa.

An important step in the process pursing higher studies in aboard is the student visa application. The interview for student visa with other requirements can make or break the students dreams of studying abroad. The purpose of this article is to provide you with valuable information on the questions that are asked during your student visa interview.

Common F.A.Q List for the Student Visa Interview

  Please introduce yourself
  Give a short details about your academic background
  Have you considered where you will live and how you will meet your expenses? Do you need some help regarding accommodation?
  Why do you choose Australia for study?
  Give brief details about your course and contents. How could it be helpful in your career ahead?
  Do you have any working experience, if yes then please describe in detail?
  Why did you choose Australia for higher studies? Isn’t this course offered by any Pakistani university or college?
  What is the purpose of your trip?  
  Have you ever been to Australia before?
  Have any of your friends or relatives lives in Australia?
  Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?
  Have you explored about Australia’s education system?
  Do you known anything about this country’s culture or their native regional Languages?
  Why don’t you study this course in your country?
  How long will your studies last?
  What is the scope of your course?
  What do you plan to study at the university?
  Did you know about the city where your university is situated?
  What is the course commencement date?
  Why did you choose this course?
  What is fee and time of your course?
  Where did you do your previous study?  
  What is your specialization?
  What are your subjects in the last course of study (High School, Degree or Master’s)?
  When did you take your IELTS and what was your score in that test?
  Which university are you planning to go to in Australia?
  Can you describe some characteristic of your chosen university?
  Do you have any intention of working in Australia after your studies completed?
  Why have you chosen this specific university?
  Can you tell me the location of the university/college i.e. exact address?
  How did you find this institute and why did you select this? 
  Which universities rejected your application?  
  What will you do if your visa rejected?  
  How far will that place be from the university and how are you planning to cover that distance?
  How would you justify your ROI (return of investment)?  
  What is your career goal and how will this course help in achieving your goals?
  Do you have a Health Insurance that can cover your stay in the particular country ?  
  What is the job opportunities and career prospects after you complete this course and what difference you make by studying them?  
  How are you going to fund your education?
  Who is sponsoring your education? Tell their complete details that includes their Name, Address, Relationship, Working, and Income source (profession).
  Why they are sponsoring you?
  What will be your living expenses in Australia?
  Have you taken any Loans for the study purpose?
  What will you do during the off period / semester?
  What savings does your family have?
  What is your father’s annual income?
  How many siblings do you have?
  What is your plan about marriage?
  Do you have any relative in Australia?
  Do you plan to work there?
  Do you have sufficient money while you are in this country?
  What are your future plans? Do you intend to stay in Australia?
  What are your Visa conditions?
  How can you demonstrates that you will go back to your country after your visa is finished?


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Student visa interview are an important part of the visa application procedure that give access to visa officer to think whether you have the right and intention to study well during your study period. To check whether the applicants are genuinely interested in pursuing higher education, or if they have any other intentions such as working illegally or staying too long, these interviews are conducted for this surety.  student visa interview

Additional Tips:

Here are some tips that can boost your confidence and help you in ace the student visa interview:

  • Be punctual and go the meeting 10 minutes before the actual time, This gesture will show that you are very interested for this interview and pursing your dream of studying abroad.
  • Give them a positive impression by greeting the officer properly and ethically. 
  • Get ready in a simple and formal dress. Wear pent and casually shirt with a coat and do not wear so much things like caps and accessories etc. 
  • Listen every question very carefully and then respond. Do not cut between the question this gesture will give the officer bad impression.
  • Take all the documents that you have submitted with application in a bag so if they ask about them then you cannot make any excuse of forgetting them.
  • Keep your study goals clear and responds about your course and career goals after getting admission in your chosen university.
  • Do not lose confidence and actively and briefly answer what they ask.

It is natural to feel nervous and confuse during the student visa interview, but if you prepare well and understanding what questions visa officers will ask then your confidence will boot up and it can enhance your chance for success. Be genuine and show your dedication to academic excellence. If you want to be an Australian citizen then this journey can be started form the student visa.

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