Subclass 189 Visa that is also called as Skilled Independent Visa is an approved immigration option for those  skilled workers that wants to permanently settle in Australia. Subclass 189 was begun as part the General Skilled Migration program (GSM). This visa is based on points system that allows qualified persons to stay and work in Australia, without any sponsorship by a parent or employer. The main features, eligibility requirements, application process and benefits and other things related to subclass 189 are cover in this guide.

Subclass 189 Visa – What is it?

Subclass 189 Visas were plot for highly skilled workers that have qualifications and experiences that Australia industry are looking for in different occupations. The points system is used to determine the eligibility of applicants. The applicants must have a minimum amount of points that are based upon their age, English language skills, work experience and educational qualifications. This visa aimed is to attract talented people that will contribute to the country economy and can fill the skills shortages.

Visa Subclass 189: Features and Benefits

  • Permanent Residence: Subclass 189 gives permanent resident status to the successful applicants as well as their qualifying family members in Australia.
  • Minimum Score: A minimum score required to apply for a Subclass 189 Visa is 65 points . A number of factors are taken into consideration when determining the points awarded that includes age, English-language proficiency, educational background, experience at work, etc.
  • Independent pathway: Subclass 189 do not need any sponsorship by an employer, government, or member of the family. This visa allows you to stay and work in Australia from anywhere.
  • Skilled Occupations List: The Applicants are required to list a profession on the Medium-Term and Long-Term Strategic Skills List.
  • Invitations To Apply (ITA) : The Candidates who have the most points during the Department of Home Affairs’ regular invitation rounds will be invited to submit a visa application for Subclass 189.
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Subclass 189 Visa Eligibility Criteria

Subclass 189 visa eligibility criteria that a person must follow are:

  • Age: The age required at the moment of submitting the application is below than 45.
  • Skills Assessment: A positive skill assessment by the relevant assessing authority must be obtained To signify that an applicant’s skills and experience are compatible with their nominated job.
  • Points Test : The applicants are eligible to receive an invitation for visa applications if they score 65 or more points in the points test. There are many factors that determine the awarded point that consists of age, education, previous work experience, English fluency, etc.
  • English Language Proficiency : The applicant must be able to show that they are expert in speaking English Language through acceptable English tests.
  • Health and Character: This is a mandatory for all applicants and their families. All of them must be in good health to prevent any risk to the safety or health of others.

Subclass 189 Application Process

Subclass 189 visa applications are processed in several stages.

  • Skills Assessment: The applicant must get a positive skill assessment for the job they have selected from the appropriate assessing authority.
    Expression of Interest: The candidates must send an EOI to Skill Select. In this form, they will provide their information on skills, experience and qualifications as well the points that they are claiming.
    Awaiting an invitation: Skill Select organizes regular rounds of invitations, where the candidates with highest points will be invited to submit a Subclass Visa application.
    After receiving an invitation to apply for a visa, then the next step is to complete and submit your application.
    Health and character checks: The applicant and any family members will be required to submit health certificates and police clearances from each country they’ve lived for at least 12 months over the past 10 years.
    Visa Award: After the applicant’s application approved then they will get a Subclass 189 Visa which offers them permanent residence status in Australia.
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189 visa- Australian Permanent Residency

Subclass 189 Visa: What are the Benefits?

Subclass 189 provides many benefits to skilled migrants.

  • Residence Permanently: The successful applicant and his/her family will get permanent resident status, that allows them to start staying and working in Australia.
  • Freedom and Flexibility : Subclass 189 visa allow you to select any job from anywhere within Australia and this benefits is not provided by other visa.
  • Access to Education and Health Care: 189 visa allows the candidate to get the benefits as the Residents of Australia and they can have free access to the Medicare public health system and can subsidize their child’s education.
  • If you meet the requirements and have lived in Australia permanently for some time, then you may be eligible for Australian citizenship.
  • The Permanent Residents can sponsor their eligible family members for different visas.

The challenges of application process

The Subclass 189 had many benefits but there are some important challenges that a person can face:

  • High Points Required: The minimum requirement to obtain a Subclass 189 Visa is 65 points. For some reasons, this may not be achievable.
  • Competitive Edge Invitation: Subclass 189 is a famous choice, and the invitations will be issued based first on those that scored high, and this is the reason that make this visa  incredibly competitive.
  •  It is very costly and time taken to get a skill assessment test  that is positive 
  • Occupations lists changes: There are chances that occupations list will be changes which can affect a candidate’s eligibility to apply for the Subclass 189.

Family Members:

Subclass 189 visa allows the candidate to include their family members in the application with them. The family members that can apply are: 

  • Partner and Parents
  • Dependent Children under the age of 23 year
  • Dependent Children of partner under the age of 23 year
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Subclass 189 Cost:

Subclass 189 visa cost are same for all three streams but the processing time of all the three streams are different. You had to submit all your necessary documents on time if you do not want that your visa processing time will get late.


Subclass 189 Australian Visa is a pathway that gives opportunity to skilled workers to get permanent residence in Australia. The eligibility criteria, application process, benefits challenges and other things that the Subclass 189 visa requires are covered in this blog. This visa offers many benefits, including a higher quality of living in Australia and a possible pathway to get Australian citizenship

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