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UK Point based Immigration is one of the best option to migrate to UK. If you want to go abroad to study or for the job then you have to apply for different types of visas that the country offers according to your eligibility. United Kingdom in 2021 closed the free movement and introduced a UK point-based immigration system.  This system allows foreigners to come to UK for studying and to work after meeting a certain set of requirements for which they will score points. The person that got enough points will then get a UK visa. This point-based immigration system’s aim is to attract skilled persons who can help in contribute of the UK’s economy and society and provide these people with a clear and transparent framework for immigration. All the key points, benefits requirements, and other things related to UK point based immigration system are explored in this article.  

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UK point based immigration system is designed to give priority to immigrant applicants based on their education, skills, experiences and their contribution to the country economy. This system replaces all the old systems including the tier system and all the applicants are now applying for this system. A minimum of 70 points must be scored by the applicants if they want to get a UK visa. The points-based system is streamlined into three main approaches that are:

Route for Skilled Worker:

This route is for those people that got job offers from UK and they want to work there after meeting some certain eligibility criteria and requirements. An employer from UK sponsors you and offer you a job because they do not meet some skilled person in UK and they want to fill the gap of the company’s empty position by hiring from outside the country.

Route for Start-up, Innovator and Investor:

A person who is an entrepreneur, investor or any person with a business idea that they want to establish in the United Kingdom can apply for the point the based immigration system using this route. They will get a visa and come to the UK on this route basis if they earn enough points.

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Route for Students:

If a person gets a scholarship in any UK university, then they can apply for the point-based immigration system through this route. They will get a visa based on this route if they earn enough points.


In UK point based immigration system the applicants want points and these points are assigned to the person based upon various factors that includes jobs, salary etc. A person had to score a minimum score of 70 points if they want to be eligible for this point-based immigration system. The score may change frequently so you had to regularly visit the website for the latest updates. Some key components on which points is given to applicants are:

  • Job:

The skilled worker route is especially designed for individuals that want to work in UK. The applicants qualify for this route if they got a job offer from UK and the employer that offers them a job must have a valid job license. The job that they offer must meet some specific criteria that include salary requirements, benefits and skill level. The points can be earned by the applicants based upon the high skilled or higher salary and some extra benefits.

  • Proficiency in English Language:

The national language of UK is English and the person applying for the point-based system must be proficient in English language. The person had to prove their proficiency by showing the result of English language test that is IELTS or TOEFL. The proficiency level will depend upon the person’s job requirements or some other circumstances.

  • Qualification:

An applicants get extra points if their qualification is very high. If a person had done a Master’s or PhD then they may get more points than other applicants. The UK recognizes many qualifications from different countries and all of this qualification is assigned a specific number of points.

  • Salary:
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The points gain also depend upon the salary a person got by the job offer form the employer. If you got a very higher salary offer then you get more points.

  • Shortage Occupation:

If the person got a job offers from the list of the shortage occupation and they get extra points. These lists had the highest demand jobs and the applicants were encouraged to apply for this position if they had that type of qualification.

  • Age:

The points are also depending upon the age. If a person is you then they get more points as compared to old age person. This age factor may also vary on the routes a person chooses.

  • Traceable Points:

The system allows for tradeable points which means that the applicants can compensate for a shortfall in one category by earning extra points in another. For example, if an applicant’s job offers falls short on the salary requirement than they can make up for it by having a job in a shortage occupation or by holding a Ph.D.

Students’ route requirements:

The student route is designed to attract international students to come in UK and study here. If you are applying with student routes then there are some specific requirements that must be met by the individual and these include the following:

  • Acceptance: The applicants must get a scholarship from a recognized UK university,or they get an enrollment offer from the UK-recognizable university.
  • Language Proficiency: The individual had to show their English proficiency level by the result of IELTS or any other test.
  • Financial Stable: The person must show that they are financially strong if they do not get a scholarship, and they can pay their tuition fees and support themselves during their study period. They had to prove that they do no need public funds for their living or other expenses.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies: The student must need a CAS form the institute that are sponsoring them because it is mandatory for the student visa route. 
  • Test for Tuberculosis: A Tuberculosis test is mandatory when you are applying for the UK point-based immigration system.
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UK Point based Immigration


The UK point-based immigration system is a very good visa-based system that can allow any person to come to the UK and take part in their economy. This system provides many benefits for the individual as well as for the country,entry and these benefits are as follows:

  • Skilled Talent:

This system attracts all the skilled talent that do not get an opportunity to show their skills in their country. They can show their skills, and talent, prove to be good employees, and take part in the country’s economy.

  • Easy approach:

The point-based immigration system is designed to be objective. Its requirements routes etc can easily be understood by the applicants. The decision is clearly made based on the points that the applicants earn.


It gives the option of flexibility means that the applicants can increase their chances of visa approval by compensating for shortcomings in one area with strengths in another.

  • Labor market needs:

The point-based system attracts individuals with different employment opportunities, and they get extra points if they apply for those jobs that are on the short employee’s list. In this way, the shortage of employees in high-demand areas will decrease, and the country’s economy will grow. 


The UK point-based immigration system is a very good approach for individual who want to work and study in UK. They will apply with some routes and if they score 70 points then the visa will be given to them. The routes, requirements, and benefits al are given in detail in this article. If you get the visa then you will get a lot of benefits.

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