Aged dependent visa

Aged dependent relative visa subclass 838

In Australia, the visa used for granting access to elderly people by Australian citizens who are permanent residents is the aged dependent relative visa, subclass 838. The visa person can reside permanently in Australia. Here are some important key points related to this visa:.

  • Living mutually: The aged dependent relative visa subclass 838 is a chance to reunite aged members with their affectionate family, who are already staying as permanent residents in Australia.
  • Resident becomes permanent: When a visa is received, that person can enter Australia, securing a permanent stay with family in Australia. It will provide stability and security for dependent relatives.
  • Can do job: The visa holder mainly resides in Australia to stay together with their family but they can also do any sort of work and are eligible for doing the job. This is mainly for those whose family can’t bear extra expenses.
  • Education: well, it is true with this visa you can also run in the field of education, mostly for English proficiency courses during your stay in Australia.
  • Enjoy services: Just like the casual resident, the visa holder can also relish the facilities which the Australian government offers such as healthcare through Medicare.
  • Social care: The aged relative can have advantageous care from the social area networks probably built by the relation members and community resources are also accessed while he/she is in Australia.
  • Permanent citizen: Once living in Australia has reached a long time then the visa holder can become eligible for the application of permanent citizenship of Australia.

With aged dependent relative visa                   

  • The permission is granted to travel and leave Australia every forth and back for at least 5 years. The five year duration will begin the day visa was granted.
  • For re-embarking the Australia residence, you must apply for and got approval in Resident Return (RRV).
  • As the visa is permanent, staying in Australia for an unspecified period of time is possible.
  • The aged dependent relative visa range most likely begins at AUD4990.00 and an additional cost is asked for for each family member who is applying for the visa with you.
  • However, the visa payment can be made in installments. So, payment for the first installment is due during the visa submission and the second will be asked for after the process.
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For this visa

  • You should be living as a citizen in Australia, but not in immigration clearance, when applying for the visa and awaiting the decision of visa.
  • Sponsor consent should be there through your partner or relative member.
  • Once enter the Australia, you have to obey the rules and regulations of Australian government.
  • You must be clear of any past history related to criminal record or health.
  • Your relation with the dependent should be authentic as per term of eligibility criteria.
  • The sponsor should be 18 or older than this and the applicant should be old enough to be called old.
aged dependent visa

Application process

  • Verify Eligibility: The person who is going to apply for the dependent visa for his/her family member must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and should check the eligibility criteria. The requirements for age, financial dependence, health, and character shouldn’t be prohibited as an option.
  • Sponsorship The sponsor must complete and submit a sponsorship application form, as well as provide proof of citizenship or nationality in Australia, New Zealand, or both. 
  • Filling Application: The visa applicant is mandatory to submit a valid application after completing the filling area online. Well, you can generally apply online via the Department of Home Affairs’ website or by paper if necessary.
  • Assemble Supporting Documents: The applicant is required to provide documents that demonstrate the relationship they have with their sponsor and financial dependence, as well as other relevant data. Documents required may include financial evidence papers, character exam, health exam, eligible passport,and marriage certificates
  • Pay the fees and click submit. Once the required documentation is gathered, an applicant may apply for a visa online or at a designated center. The applicant will need to pay a visa application fee that may fluctuate depending on the individual’s circumstances.
  • Wait for result: Once the submission is done to the Department of Home Affairs, they will initiate the course of handling the visa. It may be necessary to verify the provided information, conduct health assessments and review supporting documentation.
  • Health and Character Verification: The applicant might be required to submit to a health check and receive a character clearance as part of their visa application.
  • Visa conclusion: After the processing of your application, you will obtain a warning related to decision from the government. The applicant will be sent a letter confirming the grant of the visa, along with any other requirements.
  • Move in Australia If you are granted a visa, then the applicant may make travel arrangements for Australia during the period that the visa will be valid. On arrival in Australia, the applicant must adhere to the terms of the visa as well as any other requirements set forth by the Department of Home Affairs.
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Eligibility criteria

You must satiate the requests to be eligible for the Aged dependent relative visa (subclass 838):

  • When you apply for the visa, and Australian Department of Home Affairs creates a verdict on your application, you must be in Australia but not at arrival authorization.
  • Sponsorship is obligatory from a relative or a relative’s partner
  • Age annuity appropriateness in Australia should be followed.
  • The health and character rules apply to you and your family members.
  • You or your family member must either have paid back the money owed to Australia or you have an agreement replacing the payment.
  • You should be deprived of basic necessities like shelter and food for the past three years since you are a dependent on a relative in Australia, Incapacity may prevent you from working, and therefore make you dependent on your relative.
  • The right to keep partner is forbidden.
  • You must ensure that the visa you hold does not enclose a situation of no more stay.
  • It is important to be able obtain a guarantee of support
  • If you had your visa refused or cancelled while in Australia, you may not qualify for this visa.

Processing time of visa

The handling time of the aged dependent relative visa subclass 838 took place while depending on varying factors, such as

  • The amount of online application received
  • The complete filling of the application forms
  • Any other situation or problem

Typically, the time for visa processing can be months or years.

How much money does the sponsor need to spend?

Sponsors may need to invest a different amount depending on their individual situation and needs. Sponsors must demonstrate that they can provide the necessary financial assistance to the dependent relative to meet their living costs and ensure their welfare. No fixed amount is specified. However, sponsors must demonstrate their financial stability to ensure that they can meet the needs and welfare of dependent relatives.

Does the age of the relative who is dependent on me have a limit?

There is no age restriction in Australia’s legislation that applies to the relative dependent who wants the visa, subclass 838. The visa is usually intended for those who have become dependent on their Australian relatives due to disabilities or age-related problems.

How long will it take to process my application?

Processing time for dependent relative visa subclass 838 can vary depending on various factors, such as the completeness of your application and its volume. It can range from several months up to over one year.

What is a bridging visa for subclass838?

The bridging visa is temporary and allows the applicant to stay in Australia legally while his/her application for an aged dependent relative visa under Subclass 838 (or equivalent) is processed. The bridging visa bridges the time between when the current visa of the applicant expires (if applicable) and the decision made on the subclass 838 application.

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