Module 3 – Lesson 13- Traffic offences

State and territorial administrations are in charge of establishing and enforcing traffic laws in their respective areas. Individuals who violate traffic regulations may face fines or jail terms. Driving a car in Australia is unlawful unless you have registered your …

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Module 3 – Lesson 12- Criminal offences in Australia

Every new Australian citizen should get acquainted with the country’s laws. If you did not realise something was illegal and nevertheless commit an infraction, claiming ignorance of the law is not a defence. Australian legislation is intended to ensure that …

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Module 3 – Lesson 11- How are laws enforced ?

Australia has an independent judiciary, which means that a court decides whether or not an individual is in violation of the law, and what punishment they should get if they are. A person is only justified in court based on …

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Module 3 – Lesson 9- How is Australian government formed ?

After a federal election, the party with the most House of Representatives members (or the one that can create a majority in partnership with other parties) normally becomes the Australian Government, and the party leader becomes Prime Minister. In turn, …

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Module 3 – Lesson 7- What do three layers of government do ?

Although there is considerable overlap, each of Australia’s three levels of government is responsible for providing separate services to the Australian people. Foreign affairs, air travel and safety, trade and commerce, defence, Social Security, postal services and communications, employment aid, …

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