Module 3 – Lesson 10- How are laws made ?

The Australian Parliament has the right to amend or create new laws for the benefit of all Australians. The procedure is as follows: a member of the Australian Parliament will propose a new law or revisions to an existing one. …

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Module 4 – Lesson 5- Our community

Being an Australian citizen allows you to fully participate in the life and communities of the country. Being an Australian citizen has both obligations and advantages, and everyone is expected to actively engage in society and contribute to the community. …

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Module 4 – Lesson 4- Mutual respect and tolerance for others

Every Australian must respect their other Australians’ beliefs, choices, freedom, and dignity. In Australia, it is prohibited to employ violence against another person, including verbal and physical abuse. Australia believes in peaceful disagreement and that everyone has the right to …

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Module 4 – Lesson 2- Equality of all people under the law

Australia believes that all citizens have the same rights regardless of where they are from, their ethnicity, colour, religion, whatever disabilities they may have, their age, sexual orientation, or gender. Australia has a number of laws in place to prevent …

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Module 4 – Lesson 1- Our values

A dedication to the rule of law is one of Australia’s basic principles; every Australian recognises the importance of laws in keeping communities and the country as a whole calm and safe. Everyone in Australia is equal under the law, …

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